amfiRivert Reverse Transcriptase & cDNA Master Mix

Product Overview

High Yield of Intact Full-length cDNA up to 17.8kb

amfiRivert cDNA synthesis Platinum Master Mix is specially designed for high yield of intact full length cDNA synthesis up to 17.8kb.Total Human heart muscle RNA(0.8ug) was reverse transcribed with amfiRivert cDNA Synthesis Platinum Master Mix and PCR was performed using on 5ul of cDNA with amfiSure Taq DNA Polymerase.

Full Activity at 40-60oC for Increased Specificity

amfiRivert cDNA Synthesis Platinum Master Mix is fully active 40-60oC, providing increase specificity and the highest cDNA yield. Total Human heart muscle RNA (0.8ug) were used in a reverse transcription reaction with amfiRivert cDNA Synthesis Platinum Master Mix at different temperatures from 40oC to 60oC and PCR was performed using of 4ul of cDNA synthesized with amfiSure PCR Master Mix.

Mixed Priming Eliminates End-bias

amfiRivert cDNA Synthesis Platinum Master Mix includes an optimized primer mix which results in the generation of first-strand cDNAs from an entire transcript without the end-bias observed with typical oligo(dT)n or random hexamer primers. This mixed primer strategy overcomes variability in real-time PCR gene expression analysis that can result from using different individual primers.

Rnase Inhibitor and dNTPs Included

For convenience amfiRivet cDNA Synthsis Platinum Enzyme mix contains a amfiRivet Reverse Transcriptase Platinum and RNase Inhibitor Plus. amfiRivert Platinum RT buffer(2x) contains a fixed MgCl2 and dNTP mixtures, and optimized primer mix( Oligo dT(18)/ Rnndom Hexamer) minimizing extra optimization and pipetting steps.

Highlighted Publications

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  • The b-glucuronidase mRNA was reverse transcribed from 100ng of HeLa cell total RNA using (1) Random Hexamers, (2) Oligo(dt) 18, or (3) the optimized primer mix Amplicon located near the 5' end(red) or 3' end(green) of the GUSB transcript were amplified by real-time PCR(on an ABI7500) using 1ul of each reverse transciption reaction in 20ul real-time PCR reaction and amfiSure SYBR qPCR Mastermix(2X)
    0.8ug of Total Human heart muscle RNA were used in a reverse transcription reaction with amfiRivert cDNA Synthesis Platinum Master Mix at different temperatrues from 40oC to 60oC and PCR was performed using of 4ul of cDNA synthesized at temperature up to 60oC with amfiSure PCR Master Mix

    Product Listing

    Cat.No. Product Name Cat.No. Product Name
    A1202 amfiRivert Reverse Transcriptase, 200 units/ul , Superscript III Equivalent R5600 amfiRivert cDNA Synthesis Platinum Master Mix
    R6100 amfiRivert Platinum ONE cDNA Master Mix R5101 amfiRivert cDNA Synthesis Master Mix
    R5004 amfiRivert 1-Step RT-PCR Premix R5300 amfiRivert II Reverse Transcriptase including RNase Inhibitor
    R5200 amfiRivert Reverse Transcription System R5500 amfiRivert II cDNA Synthesis Master Mix
    R5400 amfiRivert II Reverse Transcription System R5003 amfiRivert 1-Step RT-PCR Kit
    R5001 amfiRivert cDNA Synthesis Premix R5002 amfiRivert 2-Step RT-PCR Kit
    A1203 amfiRivert Reverse Transcriptase Reaction Buffer(5X) R5111 amfiRivert cDNA Synthesis Master Mix, without Oligo dT
    R5601 amfiRivert Platinum RT/RNase Inhibitor Mix(10,000/1000) R5602 amfiRivert Platinum Oligo dT/Random Haxamer Mix
    R6200 amfiRivert Sensi cDNA Synthesis Master Mix(4X) R6300 amfiRivert 4G cDNA Synthesis Master Mix(4X)