Ceraplex, Premium Cell Culture Supplement(10X)

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Fetal Bovine Serum(FBS) has been long used as a supplement for tissue culture media, supplying growth factors and attachment factors essential for the culturing and proliferation of cells in vitro. Although the major constitutes of serum are known such as albumin and tranferrin, some of the minor components and their effect on cell growth have not been fully determined. These minor components include nutrients such as amino acids, nucleotides, sugars, growth factors, hormons, minerals, and lipids.

FBS is commercially avaliable from many manufacturers, and because cells grown in vitro are highly sensitive, researchers usually tests specific batches to check for suitability for their specific cell type. When changing from batch to batch it is usual to adapt the cells to the new batch of material, for example, by mixig 50% of the old serum with 50% of the new serum and allowing the cells to acclimatize to the new material.

Also downstream purification is the leading disadvantage to using FBS in cell culture media. For example, monoclonal antibody production and recombinant protein secretion both require purification to remove serum-derived gamma-globulin from the media.

Ceraplex is the most innovative cell culture supplement including several components, and is intended to provide high performance and cost-effective option for researchers without changing any current cell culture system. Researchers can reduce FBS up to 1.5% - 3% for the growth and maintenance of a broad spectrum of established cell lines with Ceraplex added to culture media. This advantage dramatically gives researchers to minimize FBS's batch-to-batch variation which could result in change cell growth pattern and morphology.

Another advantage of Ceraplex is that researchers can make Serum-Free basal media using Ceraplex without changing any culture environments. Simply add Ceraplex to the current culture media without FBS. This will replace many of specialized expensive Serum-Free media.

Cat No Size Price($)
C3318-050 500ml 122
C3318-010 100ml 33

No change in your culture system

Keep using your media,FBS and reagents with higher cell growth performance Just add Ceraplex to your media with reduced FBS for cell maintenance

Minimizing FBS lot-to-lot variation
Simply reduce your FBS requirement up to 1-3%, minimize FBS lot-to-lot variation Providing better performance without cell morphology change caused by FBS

Cost Saving
Significantly reduces cost by reducing % of FBS required for optimal growth 10% FBS can be reduced to as little as 1.5-3%

Optimized for broad spectrum
Works well for broad cell lines without changing current cell culture reagents CHO, HT29, Hybridoma,Fibroblast, Vero, MDCK, HEK293, Hamster Kidney Keratinocyte, Osteoblast, Red blood, Liver, Cadiac, Neural and etc..

Optimal performance in serum-free
Providing better performance with your current culture media for serum-free culture Add Ceraplex to your media and culture without serum

Store at -20oC

Cat No Product Size
G7000-010 Glutaplex, 200mM(100X) 100ml
F0610-050 Fetal Bovine Serum, Triple Low, US Origin 500ml
E3319-010 Embryoplex ES Cell Serum Replacement 100ml