Embryoplex, ES Cell Serum Replacement(10X)

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Culturing embryonic stem(ES) cells is very complicated, and the success is highly dependent on identifying a suitable lot of Fetal Bovine Serum(FBS). ES cell research requires the highest serum quality to prevent adverse differentiation. Traditionally, researchers had to prescreen multiple FBS lots to locate one suitable for use; an often costly and time-consuming process that took away from research efforts.

Embryoplex is the most innovative ES-cell qualified serum replacement, and is intended to provide high performance and cost-effective option for researchers. Embryoplex is an engineered blend of recombinant proteins, amino acids , lipid and growth factors, and allows researchers to focus on more important tasks by providing well-defined and consistant ES-cell qualified serum replacement already screened and tested of toxicity, colony morphology and plating efficiency.

Embyoplex provides outstanding and consistant performance with embryonic stem cells while maintaining the cells in their valuable undifferentiated state. Embryoplex can minimize FBS lot-to-lot variation which is very critical to maintain, expansion and assay of stem cell.

Cat No Size Price($)
E3319-050 500ml 330
E3319-010 100ml 98

Replaces and outperform FBS
10% of Embryoplex outperfrom 15% of ES qualified FBS from other vendors

Minimizing FBS lot-to-lot variation
Well difined and consistant

Cost Saving
Significantly reduces cost by reducing % of FBS required for optimal growth

Store at -20oC

Cat No Product Size
C3318-010 Ceraplex, Premium Cell Culture Supplement(10X) 100ml
F0600-050 Fetal Bovine Sreum, Premium, US Origin 500ml