Fetal Bovine Serum, Triple Low

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At GenDEPOT Fetal Bovine Serum is collected aseptically from the unborn fetus of Adult Bovine brought to slaughter. The Serum is separated aseptically from the blood of the fetus which is allowed to spontaneously clot.

FBS containing natural leves of immunoglobulin that may be too high for certain cell culture and protein purification. Serum from individual animals may be screened for low content and pooled to produce large batches of FBS with lower levels of IgG. However, this may be quite a challenge due to the scarcity of such low IgG animals and the logistics involved with the screening and collection process.

Fetal Bovine Serum,Triple Low is processed substantially low in IgG level, Endotoxin level and Hemoglobin level. This serum is suitable for use in extracting application. Fetal Bovine Sreum, Triple low is designed to minimize lot-to-lot variation which could result in change cell growth pattern and morphology.

Cat No Size Price($)
F0610-050 500ml 385

Ultra-Low Hemoglobin Levels

Ultra-Low Endotoxin Levels

Low-IgG Levels

Triple 0.1 Micron Filtered Free of Mycoplasma

Minimized lot-to-lot Variation

Ready-to-use, Heat Inactivation Not Required

Store at -20 oC

Cat No Product Size
E3319-010 Embryoplex ES Cell Serum Replacement 100ml
C3318-010 Ceraplex, Premium Cell Culture Supplement(10X) 100ml