Glutaplex, 200mM(100X)

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L-glutamine is vital nutrient in production of energy, protein, nucleic acid synthesis and mammalian cell culture medium. However, L-glutamine is very unstable at physiological pH and liquid. The L-glutamine degrades instably once in aqueous solution, generating ammonia that is toxic to the cell. The ammonia generation is significantly more rapid in the presence of phosphate or bicarbonate. The toxicities of ammonia sustain growth, viability of cells, and can affect protein glycosylation, lowering protein production and changing glycosylation pattern. It is important to deliver the optimum L-glutamine to each unique cell culture.

Glutaplex formulation is specially designed to improve cell viability and enhance growth, minimize ammonia build-up, extends life-span and healthier cells.

Glutaplex is a unique combination of L-glutamine and stabilized dipeptide L-glutamine, L-alanyl-L-glutamine. Glutaplex has excellent stability and easily soluble in aqueous solution to improve cell growth and viability. Unlike other glutamine media that requires adding L-glutamine right before use, Glutaplex is ready-to-use and can be added to cell culture medium directly. Glutaplex minimize toxic ammonia build-up by inhibiting instant degradation of glutamine in liquid form. Low ammonia concentration can be advantageous in attaining high cell yield, especially for cells that are sensitive to ammonia toxicity. Glutaplex supplements can only be removed by cell metabolism, suitable for cells that require long periods of incubation without feeding, or optimizing standardization of media. In addtion, Glutaplex is designed to release peptide and digest depeptide slowly, providing consistant availablity of L-glutamine to the cell, improving cell viability overtime. It will potentially reduce the number of times the cell passage. Glutaplex only uses natural enzymes in place of the synthetic gases used in other production process.

This production process yields a product with fewer impurities than other commercially available media. Glutaplex is milled in uniform particle size to give the greater product consistency.

Cat No Size Price($)
G7000-200 20x100ml 391
G7000-100 10x100ml 216
G7000-010 100ml 26

Improves cell viability and growth
-Increasing productivity

Minimizes ammonia build-up
-Reduction in spontaneous ammonia generation

Healthier and longer duration of cells
-Extension of cell culture time)

Store at -20 oC

Cat No Product Size
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C3318-010 Ceraplex, Premium Cell Culture Supplement(10X) 100ml