Scraptase, Non-animal Origin Dissociation Reagent (1X)

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Many cell types currently used in research today will only grow and function in culture vessles when attached to a substrate. These cells are referred to as anchorage-dependent cells. Cell dissociation products have been adopted as a beneficial way to release these cells from their substrate for subculturing purposes. Numerous different parameters including tissue type, pH, media, temperature,incubation time, and concentration affect the outcome of adherent cell dissociation procedures.

Scraptase is designed to be an alternative to porcine trypsin when used in conjuction with serum-free or serum-containing media. Scraptase contains a least amount of recombinant trypsin and mixed chealating agents in dPBS for dissociation of a wide range of adherent mammalian cells, including CHO, HEK293,A529, primary human keratinocytes, and embronic stem cells.

Scraptase is very gentle on cells compared to porcine trypsin and other dissociation enzymes. It is recommended for use in studies requiring more intact cell surface proteins. Cells can be ecposed to Scraptase for longer periods of time without the risk of damage associated with severe protein digestive enzyme like porcine trypsin.

Scraptase is very stable with respect to temperature, pH and interference by serum components. In addition, activity is greatly reduced by dilution, dilution alone inactivates Scraptase, avoiding the need for trypsin inhibitor.

Recombinant Human Trypsin

Cat No Size Price($)
CA110-100 1L 117
CA110-050 500ml 72
CA110-010 100ml 27

Very gentle on cells

Animal Origin Free(AOF)

Stable at Room Temperature for 2 months

Easy-to-use and Convenient

Cat No Product Size
CA020-010 Trypsin-EDTA(1X), 0.05% 100ml
CA019-010 Trypsin, 2.5%(10X) 100ml
CA015-010 Trypsin-EDTA(10X), 0.5% 100ml
CA014-010 Trypsin-EDTA(1X), 0.25% 100ml