amfiRivert II cDNA Synthesis Master Mix

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amfiRivertII Reverse Transcriptase formulation is specially designed for high-yield Reverse transcription system that is fully active at 42- 55℃, providing increase specificity with Gene-Specific Primers (GSPs) and the highest cDNA yield of all RTs. amfiRivertII Reverse Transcriptase composed of a unique blend containing Moloney murine leukemia virus reverse transcriptase(M-MLV RT), RNase inhibitor, and hydrophobic thermo-stabilizers, which produces fewer errors in the cDNA transcripts and increased full-length cDNAs. It can generate cDNA from 100bp to > 17kb. amfiRivert II RT Reaction buffer(2x) contains a fixed MgCl2, oligo(dT), and dNTP Mixtures, minimizing extra optimization and pipetting steps.

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Cat No Size Price($)
R5500-100 2x50rxns 340
R5500-050 50rxns 220

High yields of intact full-length cDNA up to 17.8kb

Full activity at 45-55℃ for increased specificity with GSPs

Increased thermostability, stable up to 4 days at room temperature

RNase inhibitor and dNTPs included, minimizing extra optimization and pipetting steps

Store at -20

Cat No Product Size
O1024-010 Oligo dT(18) Primer 10ug
R2808-100 RNase Inhibitor Plus, 20-40 units 1000 units