amfiRivert Sensi cDNA Synthesis Master Mix(4X)

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All-In- One

amfiRivert Sensi cDNA Synthesis Master Mix is ready-to-use mixtures that include all of the reagents needed for cDNA synthesis. It includes amfiRivert Reverse Transcriptase, RNase Inhibitor Plus, dNTP mix, MgCl2 , Oligo dT(18) and Random Hexamer.

High Yield of Intact Full-length cDNA up to 17.8kb

amfiRivert Sensi cDNA Synthesis Master Mix is specially designed for high-yield of intact full-length cDNA systhesis up to 17.8kb.

Full Activity at 40-60oC for Increased Specificity

amfiRivert Sensi cDNA Synthesis Master Mix is fully active 40-60oC, providing increase specificity and the highest cDNA yield.

Mixed Priming Eliminates End-bais

amfiRivert Sensi cDNA Synthesis Master Mix includes an optimized primer mix which results in the generation of first-strand cDNAs from an entire transcript without the end-bias observed with typical oligo(dT)n or random hexamer primers. This mixed primer strategy overcomes variability in real-time PCR gene expression analysis that can result from using different individual primers.

Convenient & Simplified Step

Directly adding RNA template to amfiRivert Sensi cDNA Synthesis Master Mix is minimizing extra optimization and pipetting step.
Cat No Size Price($)
R6200-500 10x50 rxns 1051
R6200-200 4x50 rxns 577
R6200-100 2x50 rxns 340
R6200-050 50 rxns 201

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Cat No Product Size
W0805-050 Water,DEPC treated 5x100 ml
R7000-025 RNazor,RNase Decontamination Solution 250 ml
R5800-500 gRazor,Genomic DNA Removal Mix(5X) 500 ul
R6101-020 PureXtract RNAsol,Trizol equivalent 200 ml