amfiRivert Reverse Transcriptase

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amfiRivert Reverse Transcriptase is an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase with increased thermo-stability and reduced RNase H activity. amfiRivert Reverse Transcriptase can be used to generate first-strand cDNA from polyA mRNA or total RNA for use in downstream applications such as RT- PCR, cDNA cloning or library construction for RNA-Seq. Point mutations in the RNase H domain increase the thermostability of the enzyme and support greater cDNA yield of full-length transcripts than wild type M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase.

Cat No Size Price($)
A1202-500 500 rxns 595
A1202-250 250 rxns 360
A1202-100 100 rxns 175

- First- and second-strand synthesis of cDNA.
- Primer extensions and RNA sequencing
- RT-PCR(a)


  • amfiRivert Reverse Transcriptase, 200 units/ul
  • amfiRivert Reaction Buffer with MgCl2(5X)
  • amfiRivert Reaction Buffer without MgCl2(5X)
  • MgCl2, 25mM

  1. High yields of intact full-length cDNA up to 17.8kb
  2. Full activity at 40-60oC for increased specificity
  3. Mixed priming eliminate end-bias
  4. Suitable for real-time PCR
  5. RNase inhibitor and dNTPs included, minimizing extra
    optimization and pipetting steps

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Cat No Product Size
W0806-050 Water, PCR Certified 5x100 ml
W0805-050 Water, DEPC Treated for RNA Application 5x100 ml
O1024-050 Oligo(dT)18 primer 50 ug
R2808-001 RNase Inhibitor Plus, 20-40 units 10,000 units
D0610-100 dNTP Mixtures ,10mM each , >99% by HPLC 10 ml
R7000-025 RNazor,RNase Decontamination Solution 200 ml
R5800-500 gRazor,Genomic DNA Removal Mix(5X) 500 ul
R6101-020 PureXtract RNAsol , Trizol equivalent 200 ml
R6100-500 amfiRivert Platinum One cDNA Master Mix(4X) 10x50 rxns