amfiRivert 1-Step RT-PCR Premix

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amfiRivert 1-Step RT-PCR premix is designed for easy and sensitive one-step RT-PCR using any RNA template. A unique enzyme combination and specially developed reaction buffer ensure efficient, highly specific reverse transcription and PCR in one tube without the need for optimization. amfiRivert 1-Step RT-PCR Premix contains a specially formulated enzyme blend for both reverse transcription and PCR and dried in a single-use aliquots.
The unique combination of amfiRivert reverse transcriptase and amfiXpand Taq DNA Polymerase with their high affinity for RNA templates ensures highly efficient and sensitive transcription of RNA amounts from as little as 1 ng up to 2 μg. For added convenience, amfiRivert 1-Step RT-PCR Premix contains a premixed red and yellow dyes to allow loading of RT-PCR product directly on a gel after thermal cycling, minimizing pipetting steps and providing easy visualization of sample.

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Cat No Size Price($)
R5004-096 96 rxns 0
R5004-480 5X96 rxns 0
R5004-048 48 rxns 0

A dried-down, single-use aliquote provides all the reagents for RT-PCR

Simply add your RNA to resuspend the reaction mixture and begin cycling

High yield and high specificity with quicker reaction set up.

Constant Results Lot-to-Lot

Stable at -20℃in a constant temperature freezer.

Cat No Product Size
R5003-050 amfiRivert 1-Step RT-PCR Kit 50 rxns