Xpert Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Solution (100X)

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The Xpert Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Solution(100X) is a specially formulated mixture of 5 protease inhibitors with broad specificity for the inhibition of various protease and esterase. Other EDTA-free inhibitor cocktails only provide protection against serine and cysteine protease. The Xpert Protease inhibitor cocktail solution have a proprietary form of pepstatin A and Bestatin that allow for additional protection against aspartic and metalloprotease without interfering with downstream applications, such as 2-D gel and His-tagged protein purifications. It is provided as either a set of 5,10 vials or as a single vial with 0.5M EDTA. The Xpert Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Solution(100X) is ready-to-use 100X stock solution and does not require reconstitution with water or solvent.
Cat No Size Price($)
P3100-100 100ml 1132
P3100-050 50ml 632
P3100-020 20ml 265
P3100-010 10X1ml 157
P3100-005 5X1ml 94
P3100-001 1ml 22

Ready-to-use Stock solution(100X)

  • No reconstitution needed
  • Each vial is sufficient for a volume of 100ml solution
  • Minimize wastes
  • Broad spectrum inhibition

  • Used with mammalian cells and tissue, bacteria, plants and yeast
  • Protect against : Serine, Cysteine, Aspartic, and Metalloprotease
  • EDTA Free, 0.5M EDTA solution supplied in a seperate vial
  • No interfering with downstream application such as 2-D gel and His- tagged protein purification
  • Store at -20°C

    Cat No Product Size
    P3200 Xpert Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail Solution(100X)
    N1200 NP-40 Cell Lysis Buffer(2X)
    R4200 RIPA Cell Lysis Buffer(1X) without EDTA
    R4100 RIPA Cell Lysis Buffer(1X) with EDTA