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DNA/RNA Purification Reagent

PURY RNA Plus, P2030

  • High Yield of Intact RNA
  • Lowest Genomic DNA
  • No 2-Mercaptoethanol Required
  • High Yield RNA Column
  • Genomic DNA Removal Column
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Components - PURY Cell & Tissue Lysis(PCT) Buffer
- PURY Wash Buffer 1
- PURY Wash Buffer 2
- RNase Free Water
- PURY RNA Mini Column(blue ring) in Collection Tube
- gDNA Removal Column(yellow ring) in Collection Tube
- Collection tubes
Quality Control In accordance with GenDEPOT’s Quality Assurance System, each lot of PURY RNA Plus is tested against predetermined specifications to ensure consistent product quality.
Downstream Applications The purified RNA is ready to use and is ideally suited for downstream applications that are sensitive to low amounts of DNA contamination, such as quantitative,real-time RT-PCR. The purified RNA can also be used in other applications, including: RT-PCR, Differential display, cDNA synthesis, Northern, dot blot, slot blot analyses, Primer extension, Poly A+ RNA selection, RNase/S1 nuclease protection, Microarrays.
The PURY RNA Plus is designed to purify RNA from small amounts (up to 1X107 cells) of a variety of cells and easy-to-lyse tissue types. This kit supplies the gDNA Removal Columns, a spin column that quickly and effectively removes genomic DNA without the need of DNase digestion. One of the most important aspects during the isolation of RNA is to prevent degradation of the RNA. Cells and tissues are first lysed by incubation in a chaotropic ion PURY Cell & Tissue Lysis Buffer, which immediately inactivates RNases. The lysate is added to the gDNA Removal Column (yellow rings) to clarify the lysate and to remove contaminating gDNA. After the addition of ethanol with the flow-through, the RNA is bound to the Pury RNA Mini Column (blue rings). Subsequent wash steps removes salts,metabolites, and macromolecular cellular components. High quality RNA is eluted with RNase-free H2O. The RNA preparation using PURY RNA Mini Plus can be
performed at room temperature.